January 2013 MI Natural Treasure


jan 2013 twist

Still natural after 1 year.  Did not think I was gonna finish my 2012 transition, but I made it yall!   Lovvvve it!!  So to start the year out, I have been wearing this 2 strand twist protective style learned on http://www.youtube.com (type 2 strand twist).  In February, these will come out and I will start my (Jamaican Black Castor Oil Challenge.)  My hair has grown thick and beautiful.  It’s easy to grab and twist into a protective style.  I wear it with headbands, scarfs, and my favorite product, Eco Styler gel and go.  The castor oil has helped my edges to regrow.  It’s mandatory to clip my ends to maintain a even look when wear gel or moisturizer.  In February, I will press my hair just to see how it looks with a straight style.  Thanks to all the informative, encouraging, and beautiful websites, blogs and product reviews on the internet.  So happy I started wearing my natural hair, I feel so much more confident.  My next big challenge will be this adult acne.  I’ll get into that in February.  Stay tuned.

sherry muzy


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