Mom Goes To College

“Mommy, what are you doing,”  asked a curious 5 year old.  “Momma is doing her homework because she is back in school too,”  She replied.  “Oh, do you take a naps there?” he asked.  She smiled at him as she takes him back to bed, “I wish I could honey.”   Finally, after 2 marriages, 3 children, 2 grand children, and bouts with homelessness,  unemployment, and economic hardship;  she is determined and focused to get her degree.  Not because she wants to find a higher paying job in corporate America, but she wants to accomplish her goal of obtaining her Associate of Arts Degree.  Her pursuit will also be useful as she builds her home based business.  As a student studying Psychology and Sociology she learns how to deal with others in a variety of social settings, and show respect for cultural differences.   She is proud to be a stay home mom, entrepreneur and student.  Since the age of 20 her life has been consumed with taking care of others.  College was a dream deferred, simmering on the back burner.   As a single parent, she has to sync every appointment, event, and weekly chores on her cell phone, wall and computer calendars.  All she hears are alarms, buzzers, bells, and special ringtones.  Beep, beep, beep……Time to get up.   Ding, ding, ding……..Time to leave for school.  Ring, Ring, Ring………..”Good Morning mom, can you watch the baby on Friday.”  Time is a valuable and precious commodity.  Despite the obstacles in life, with a health body, strong mind, love, support of family, and faith in God; You can accomplish anything.  Stay teachable and trainable.  Now where is my phone, time to schedule a nap.


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