Owning My Natural Look

I began my natural hair journey on a negative note.  I remember staring in the mirror and saying to myself, “If You want something different in your life, you must do something different with your life.  My MI Natural Treasure hair journey began January 6, 2012.   These words kept repeating in my head like a home movie on an old projector, “Start over! Love yourself! Start over, Love yourself.”  Once the BC (big cut) was complete, what was the next thing for me to do.  Prayer was first, followed by a super burst of high energy, emotions and tears.  “What in the world is wrong with you girl?  Why did you just cut all your hair off?  Those words were banging against my brain.  Ok, calm down you can do this.  Father, help me to forgive myself and others.  Father, thank you for creating me in your image.  Let the world to see you in me, Amen.

What will everyone say?  It’s time to face the world.  Praises, compliments, and encouragement was coming from everyone and everywhere.  Amongst all the support and adoration was a feeling of insecurity, ugliness, and self hate. I wore so many styles and types or hair I forgot how I looked!  Don’t get me wrong, it was my decision to sport all those un-weaveable hair do’s.  Please do not forget to mention the hair don’ts. I only backslide once to the “scalp acid” in a jar.  That sounds graphic, but the container warned you what was in it.  I happily slapped that goo to my new growth and edges faithfully.  At the first sign of a curly scalp or a puffy edges it was on.  Depending on the event, weather, circumstance, and/or the man, my hair arsenal was always ready and on duty like the “Army Reserve or National Guard.”  But at the end of the day, when I am washing my face, I did not see my true self, only a figment of someone else’s imagination.  I am “Treasure,” a natural  jewel living in Detroit, MI.”


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