I Am A Virgin Again

Sorry, this is not an article about how to regain your virginity.  My hair is “virgin” again.  It feels amazing!  I was known as the lady with a million looks.  Short weave, long, curly, straight, human, synthetic, and a variety of colors too.  Heck, I wore so many weaves; I forgot the real texture and feel of my virgin hair.  There were numerous  reasons to wear my, “Nappy hair.”  In 2006, after applying a “relaxer” my scalp was damaged leaving a quarter size bald spot in the top of my head (healed now).   My scalp had flaky, itchy, dandruff,  and my hair texture was rough and brittle.  I often used oils, gels, glues, shampoos and conditioners, but my hair and scalp needed more than P-1000 to the rescue.  Despite the warning on the relaxer jar, I kept slapping on that “creamy gunk”.   Hoping it would make me feel beautiful.  I guess that’s why it’s called “hair lye”.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see where all my hair problems extended.  More importantly, MI Natural Treasure is a hair journey that makes me proud of my “family roots”.   Both figuratively and literally.  I’ve longed to have the hair of my youth.  I remember the same routine every two weeks: Friday nights wash hair, rinse, condition, rinse again, grease scalp, then finish with big, thick, plaits tied with a scarf.  Sunday at sunrise, I would get up and see my grandma standing near the stove, with a pressing comb in her hand saying, “Girl, you better come on here and get your hair ready for Sunday School”.  Grandma knew how to press bone straight.  You could hear your scalp sizzling when that hot comb hit your damp hair.  “Ouch, grandma you burning me,” I would say.  “I’m sorry, sit up straight girl,” then she would blow on your hair the next time it sizzles.   I was a natural girl, and I want to be a natural woman.  The road has been bittersweet, but worth it.  I have met and seen beautiful women, strong men, and gorgeous children looking regal and royal with their hair adorned with locs, twists, and braids. I am more confident, feeling sexier, my skin is looking toned, and I am healthier in my body.  Taking care of my hair, encourages me to take care of  my skin, body, mind and spirit.  “MI Natural Treasure” is my journey back to loving myself in the image of God, the Creator.  Today you see a new and improved lady,”Version 48.0.”


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