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Seriously, July has been the hardest month for me on my 2012 Natural Hair Journey.  I was very excited because my birthday is in July.  I was getting close to the big “50.”  I am blessed to see 48 years and look forward to at least the age of 100.  Stress levels were set on high at the start.  There was a near death experience of my niece, a missing person report of my nephew (thank God he was found), the tragic and heroic death of my cousin, the premature birth of my neice, and hospitalization of my sister for Toxemia, and my mom’s foot was amputated.  God what’s happening.  You know that image of  God carrying someone and all you see are footprints in the sand?  Yea that was me he was carrying.  Trust me when I tell you, it was hell.  Don’t even mention the unbearable hot weather hovering around 90+ degrees for most of the month.   Note to self move before summer 2013.  What the heck was going on with my hair and skin?  Shedding and thinning hair, styling products not working, and numerous break outs followed by dark spots on my face.  The only good thing about my hair was the use of protective styles that helped save the day.  Despite the challenges and obstacles, reuniting with a facebook  friend added many bright spots, cool relief, fun times, and good memories during what felt like a “perfect storm of heartaches.”   When I was at my weakest and felt the most unattractive, it was incredible to have someone to share my feelings, and a few laughs with at the end of the day.  My friend has moved  away but we keep in touch. I thank God for always being on time.  He touched the heart of many to show me favor and assist financially, spiritually, and emotionally.  I know what it means to have the comfort of a man and friends, but most importantly to have “The Comforter” from God when everyone else is gone.


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