June 2012


Hi everyone, I am at at the halfway mark on my natural hair journey.    It’s hard to believe that I am committed and excited about my decision to make “the cut.”  I am amazed at how much I’ve learned in the past 6 months.  My goals for the next 6 months are to do some testing and reviewing of hair products, styling with hair accessories and jewelry, and reviewing beauty products.  In July, I plan to color my hair with henna.  So I will be doing research on the various types of henna and the best methods to use.  I learned to do the two strand twist and will continue to wear that style during the remainder of my journey.  BTW, I have my eye on on a couple of half wigs to transition between my twist.  What do I plan to do after my 1 year journey?  Well, at first my thoughts were to let my hair grow out, and wear it pressed and curled in a “wrap” style, but now I am unsure.  It depends on the texture of my new growth.  I believe my hair texture will be very coarse and thick and may not respond well to a wrap.  We will see.  The next style I will consider are the “sister locs.”  I see them on other women and would prefer those to “dreadlocks.”  Again, I have not decided.  One thing for sure, I am seeking product loyalty to keep my hair moisturized, hydrated and conditioned.  My hair care product choices so far are  (Carol’s Daughter) www.carolsdaughter.com, and (Entwine Couture) www.entwinecouture.com.  One other thing, I registered with (Curlbox) www.curlbox.com, this is a subscription services that sends you products to review each month.  The boxes have been sold out each time I try to order one.  Hopefully, I will get a box in June, keeping my fingers crossed.

I am having fun and loving every step of my journey.  I pray that my transparency motivates you to unleash the natural beauty inside of you.  It is my endeavor to encourage my family and friends to “treasure” their crown of glory.  This is Treasure, your sister, your auntie, neighbor and friend.  Peace and love dawlings.


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