March 2012

Second Cut Relaxer Bye Bye

March rolls in.  I find myself staring in the mirror again with more questions.  What are you gonna do?  Are you up to the challenge and commitment?  Do you love yourself?  Why are your afraid?  Why all these questions?  Alright girl, “Get It Together.”  After much self talk and prayer, I made up my mind.  I am committed to this natural hair journey!  I love the maintenance, I love the compliments, and I love confidence.   So, back to the barbershop I went.  I was rocking it, owning it.  I entered a contest, sponsored by  Carol’s Daughter called “Transition me beautiful.”  This  contest is to help you embrace your natural hair.  When I got the message that I was a finalist in the contest, my heart was beating so fast, I was truly on cloud nine.  The next day I had a phone interview.  At the time of the call, I was in a downtown building taking care of business and I could not talk too loud.  The phone interview was short and sweet.  I felt confident with my answers, but could not express them the way I wanted to.  But, in my mind, I was a winner already.  I was told to wait for a phone call the next day explaining what to do.  OMG pins and needles all day.  I did not receive that follow up call.  Bummer.  I checked the Carol’s Facebook page and discovered I was not a winner, very disheartening.  I was confused a little and had some questions.  I politely called the representative who interviewed me and expressed my dismay via voicemail.  I also wanted to know why I was not made aware that the phone interview was part of the decision process to pick a winner.  Although I was disappointed, I still thanked her for the opportunity to be nominated as a finalist.  Truth be told, I really wanted to win.  It was like Next Top Model.  Well, that did not discourage me.  I continue to enter contest.  I am a winner you know.

Later that month, I decided to wear my hair blonde.  I had my daughter mix together this 7 stage powder and booster formula.  Although I loved the outcome, I did not take care of the blonde.  My hair became brittle and dry, despite my treatment to retain moisture.  After 6 weeks the blond had to go.  Back to the barbershop for my second cut.

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