February 2012

Yeah, I reverted in February

By February, I reverted back to a relaxer.  I guess the commitment to be natural had me questioning my actions.  What was I thinking?  Is this what I really want to do?  I can’t do this?  What are people gonna think about me?   So I went through a short little phase of “people pleasing”.  I was invited to my friend’s birthday party and I was not ready to face the public strutting my crew cut.  I learned to do quick weaves, two strand twist and other styles on Youtube.com.  You can learn how to do anything for on Youtube, lol.  So I watched this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?.  I wanted a sexy cut, so I asked my sister Demita, a licensed cosmetologist, to cut a layered style.  I love the way she cut my hair.  I have not completely given up on wearing wigs, quickweaves, and falls as I transition.  My days of using glue directly to my scalp and hair are over, I will use three stocking caps if necessary.

Sadly, during this month, the news of the fatal shooting of 17 year old Trayvon Martin was heart wrenching.  My sympathy was heart wrenching because I have a teenage nephew named Travonne.  My respect and condolences to the Martin Family.  May God grant you strength, peace and justice.

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