April 2012

Say Bye Bye To Blondie

I know you what you are thinking, your hair is growing well, please don’t cut it again.  Let me explain the method to my madness.  The decision to embrace my natural journey is set in stone.  I am focused and determined going forward.  But, at this point, my hair does not feel healthy to the touch and not responding to product.  I would rather cut it now than later with 3 inches of damaged new growth.  There were some issues with my skin, my diet, digestion, and anemia as well.    I had high anxiety, due to financial matters and family issues.  I began my research on obtaining a healthy scalp.  I do not use shampoos, but I wash my hair weekly with Naked Naturals Citrus and Keratin Fortifying Conditioner.  Then I mix 2 tablespoons of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of warm water, pour it in my hair and let it sit for 30 minutes, then rinse it out (works wonders for an itchy scalp).   Once a month I let it stay in over night and rinse it out in the morning.   At night I rub my hair and scalp with BB Pine Tar Super Gro Conditioner (smells like Glover’s) great for itchy scalp, thinning hair,  and aides in growth.  Lastly I tie my hair with a satin or silk scarf.  When I go out for special occasions and I need more moisture and softness, I recommend Soft and Beautiful Botanicals Lite Creme Moisturizer.  It keeps my hair soft and conditioned.

Next, I turned my attention towards physical fitness.  I incorporated a walking routine, wall pushups, squats, and a bit of Pilates.  When grocery shopping, I buy lean beef, fish, chicken, eggs, spices, green vegetables, fruits, cases of water, olive oil, apple cider vinegar.  In May I would make my third and prayerfully my final cut.

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