Welcome to MI Natural Treasure

Hello All, It’s your sistah “Treasure.”  I am a single mom, grammy, homeless advocate, organizer, and future successful momtrepreneur. Welcome to my 2012 Natural Hair Journey.  I live in Detroit, Michigan hence the title “MI Natural Treasure.”  Every year the thought to rock my natural hair would hit my brain, but fizzle within the first few months into the year.  I always returned to a relaxer or texturizer.  I changed my hair so much people didn’t know who I was.  I wore it short, long, curly, twisted, gelled, pressed, and colored.  I wore every style except dreadlocks and sister locks, because I knew that required commitment.  I was loyal to no brand, or product; synthetic nor human hair.

On January 6, 2012 my relationship ended leaving me to deal with my hurt, insecurities, and unanswered questions.  I found myself staring in the mirror thinking, “Get it together girl, breathe.”  I asked myself, “What are your goals and dreams.”   My next thought, “Where are those scissors?”   I just started cutting my hair, feeling more empowered as I cut.  It was psychological, emotional, mental and physically liberating at the same time.  I put on a Chrisette Michelle cd and it was on.  I cut out procrastination, self hate, co-dependency, approval of others, and unwanted love. I had an epiphany!  http://youtu.be/flK2tqusitk

Today I am a butterfly, free from her cocoon.  Ready to take risks and set new goals.  My mission is to encourage all women to take inventory of their inner and outer beauty, to develop their gifts and talents bestowed upon us by our God the Creator of all.


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