20 Days of Sexy Challenge

Day 1 Finding my “Sexy”

The Natural Hair Journey continues, August is here, 8 months now.  Boy I’ve come a long way.  There have been frustrations and accomplishments.  Learning to love my kinky coils.  I have my favorite go to product “Eco Styling Gel, and my  two favorite protective styling hair, Freetress Jazzy Water (1b) and Nubian Twist Nappy Hair (1b) for 2 strand twists.  I will wear the 2 strand twist for the next 3 months.  One last thing, there have been thoughts to press my hair to see what the texture will look like (not quite sure if I will do it yet).

I’ve mentioned my issues with acne breakouts, and dark spots.  I have a beauty routine consisting of natural and brand name products.  I wash with Biore skin preservation mixed with a bit of baking soda to exfoliate, followed by a toner mixture of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and water (on a cottonball).  Next, I rinse with cold water, followed by a thin layer of Vitamin E oil (to fade dark spots).  My favorite supplement is Isotonix OPC 3.  Isotonix OPC reduces cramping and abdominal pain, combats free radicals, and promotes blood vessel dilation.  Also my other favorite supplements are Multivatimins, Beta Carotene, Vitamin D3.

My niece is a playwright from the Atlanta, GA area.  She started a group called  “20 Days of Sexy Challenge.”  The journey began August 13, 2012.  Now that I am wearing my natural hair, I do not own my new look.  I want to look  sexier.  Hopefully this challenge will spark a sexy gene.  Follow me on my journey, there is no turning back.

Day 1 Bare face

Day 2 Motives Lipstick gloss by Loren Ridinger

Day 3 Kiss Very Very black Mascara

Day 4 purple eyeshadow

Day 5 eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, foundation

Day 6 Sexy face; foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, lipgloss

Day 7 Show Your Assests

Day 8 Get Structured Underneath

Day 9 My short hair makes me feel Sexy

Day 10 Colored top and glam face

Day 11 & 12 Body Shape in Pants and Heels

Day 13 Strike A Pose

Day 14 Bed Time Look

Day 15 Body Shape In A Skirt

Day 16 Playing with Accessories

Day 17 Out and About Retro Look

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