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Natural look 2 years ago

My name is Sherry Meadows.  Please call me “Treasure.”  I am a stay at home mom, blogger, and future successful momtrepreneur.  I am a homeless advocate, resource magnet, all around natural girl.  Now when it comes to my hair that’s where I am challenged.  I believe my hair can be healthy and strong like in my youth; before my experiences with perms and products.  Since cutting my hair January 2012, I love the new me.  At first it was difficult to see myself “au naturel.”  I realize the thoughts and opinions of others was based on my need to be a certified “people pleaser.”   Don’t get me wrong, it has not been a picnic since my Big Cut.  Maintaining a positive attitude while transitioning has been challenging.  I have become quite handy with wearing scarves and wraps like Ms. Badu.  I get more attention naturally, than when I wear weave.  I try to always put my best face forward which involves; clean and clear skin, arched eyebrows, trim and neat hair, earrings, lip gloss, and mascara.  I like to use eye shadows, eyeliner, foundation, and blush for outings.  Thank God for the Youtube “how to” videos, and the many blogs and websites that show you how to maintain your look at home.  I want to also thank the natural hair groups on Facebook and Twitter that encouraged me when I had thoughts of reverting or backsliding to the “gunk.”  Check out  NaturallyFLYYDetroit .  My 2012 Natural Hair Journey is like therapy to me.  Allow my transparency to be an inspiration to you on your path to loving self, sustaining your home, and enjoying the peace of God.

Over the past 9 years, I have not had  the so called “job security.”  During those years I have been homeless, a squatter, lost custody of my daughter, diagnosed with Fibroid tumors, and experienced bouts of depression.  I have learned to live on less for many years.  I am still seeking employment, but I only apply to jobs with flexible hours, and decent health coverage.  During  my most trying times I maintained my integrity and character.  Me and my children have never been without a warm bed and food to eat.  I have learned to render my service to soup kitchens, shelters, and advocating for the indigent.  God is restoring me daily, I shall recover all.

I love to shop online utilizing coupon codes and free shipping.   I am a Market America Shop Consultant, showing individuals and groups how to shop online and get paid 2 to 50% cashback when they shop online purchasing their favorite brand names.  Market America is an internet marketing and product brokerage company.  If you want to become a Preferred Customer and start saving money, time, and gas email me at passiveincomepurse@yahoo.com.  I will send you an invitation to the SHOP.COM’s “Get Paid To Shop Program.”  My services extends to all NPO’s too.  I can show any NPO how to receive weekly and monthly royalty checks in the mail.  This is a free service I offer.  For more information check out this video.  http://www.501cfunding.com/.  Allow me to show you and your members how to support their NPO, earn cash, and support their community.

Let me not forget to add this, cooking and entertaining are my favorite things to do for my family and friends.   I am blessed to be creative with a number of gifts and talents.  I sew aprons from recycled tshirts, low cost fabric scraps, men’s dress shirts, vintage handkerchiefs, and even shower curtains.  Restoring furniture and finding low cost ways to decorate my home are my passions too.

I love to encourage women to become entrepreneurs and stay home moms.  When I decided to become a stay home mom, my first thoughts were how can I sustain my household financially.  I have always relied on a 9 to 5 to support my family.   I am on a quest to find passive income or mail box money, so that I can travel with my family and provide wealth for my future generation.  There are hundreds of ways you can create ongoing residual income from the comfort of your home.  It is my endeavor to expand my territory, and be a blessing to as many as possible.  I am a successful, wealthy, entrepreneur!

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